About Us

Our company started doing estate planning in 2010. Since then, we have completed hundreds of estate plans.  Lead with Trust is a legal document service provider.  Although we do not provide traditional legal services, we have created Lead with Trust as a convenient, and affordable online estate planning solution. We work daily with on-the-go professionals for families, and everyday people just like you. We are focused on helping you create an estate plan that will provide you with peace of mind and protection from death and incapacity.

Our On-line Estate Planning System uses an Intelligent Interactive Interview that has been specifically designed to greatly reduce the amount of attorney-time that is customarily necessary to create an estate plan. By using Lead With Trust you can eliminate the apprehension and high cost of creating your estate plan, while still getting the same, step-by-step, interactive approach that attorneys use in person, to help you create online wills and living trusts, and other legal documents. This means that when you use Lead with Trust you will not get a one-size-fits-all solution because each document will be tailored specifically to comply with state law and your personal requirements.

As you go through the Intelligent Interactive Interview technology designs your documents to meet your specific circumstance. This will ensure you receive the right plan for your specific needs. Additionally, our estate planning team of experts will personally review your documents before they are sent to you!

When documents are created through our unique system, we offer three options: 1) Do-it-yourself, 2) Do-it-with-you, and 3) Do-it-for-you.  All documents are created to meet your specific requests and comply with all applicable state laws.

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