How are We Different

Lead With Trust offers three different Estate Planning options.

  • Self-Prepared estate plans: This process is done online for individuals and both traditional and nontraditional married couples.
    All documents drafted by attorneys and meet all state laws.
  • Attorney reviewed estate plans: This process is done by using our nationwide network of attorneys to review the documents and confirm that the documents meet all requirements for your specific situation. Attorney reviewed documents provide a next level confirmation and peace of mind that it will protect your family when that time comes.
  • Attorney prepared estate plan: This process is done by using our nationwide network of attorneys when just reviewing the documents is not enough.  When you feel that only an attorney will prepare the documents exactly the way you need, we have attorneys that are well versed in all matters of estate planning.  This is offered to confirm that your legal matters are protected.

Because our services are flat fee based to ensure that you know exactly what you will pay when you select one of our estate planning solutions. You will never be surprised by an unexpected expense or unusually high legal bill.

When dealing with legal forms people often fill them out incorrectly or answer questions in such a way that winds up causing harm they had not intended, and by that time it’s too late to fix! One other websites (e.g. LegalZoom) which provides at least minimal options for the completion of your estate plan still uses a “bait and switch” by charging you separately for all of the other necessary documents, and then again for Attorney Support monthly subscription based plan. By the time you pay for all of the extras (which we include for free) you are paying more than our price but not receiving the completeness, sophistication, or quality that Lead With Trust offers via our software, our support, or the comprehensiveness of our documents.

Documents Included:

Summary of Estate Planning Provisions
Revocable Living Trust
Declaration of Trust
Certification of Trust
Assignment of Personal Property
Instructions for the Distribution of Personal Property
The Last Will and Testament
Powers of Attorney
Advanced Health Care Directives
Living Will
HIPAA Authorization and Waivers
Final Disposition Instructions (i.e., “Burial Instructions”)
Instructions for Transferring Assets to Your Trust

Also included:

Unlimited Updates
Unlimited Amendments
Annual Reviews
Complete Funding Support.  Your trust must be funded correctly
Trust Funding Workbook – Keeps your Trust updated throughout your life