Why Us

Reasons why you will be glad you chose us

  • You can be assured that your estate plan is complete and customized to your specific situation.
  • You only pay when you know the value is present.
  • You are always in control of your estate plan
  • Our plans cost less increasing their value.
  • Our process takes less than a week to deliver your documents to you.
  • We give you secure online access and move at your pace.
  • You can “Update or Amend” your plan easily at any time in the future!
  • You can “Refer Others” to us and generate additional income.

We offer you three options to complete your own personal estate plan with the involvement of an attorney at your request.

Legal advice is available as an option. You may simply request that an attorney review your completed document to assure you that it appears to meet your objectives. Or you may ask the attorney to discuss with you the various options, and have the attorney make changes to the documents based upon your discussion. The fee for either of these additional options is indicated on the pricing schedule.

We provide you with the ease and reasonable fixed fee of an on-line estate planning service together with professional legal advice, if desired

You can complete the Estate Planning and know what you’re getting prior to payment.


We are available by telephone for mutually convenient weekend or evening appointments, as well as regular business hours.


Our fixed fee pricing structure includes all the documents to fit your specific needs and protect your family in the event of incapacity or death.